Arear leg sling for dogs may be a necessary part of caring for your pet sometime in the future. Whether your aging senior needs a little help standing up after a nap or your young dog has had surgery requiring you to help him up stairs, knowing how to make this easy and simple DIY rear leg sling for dogs will come in really handy.

How To Make and Use A Rear Leg Sling for DogsUsing a sling helps you to support and stabilize your dog’s hind end. Some dogs need the extra support due to degenerative conditions or weakness in the hips, while others may only need the help for a brief period of time during recovery from an injury. Regardless, rear slings may be difficult to find at your local pet store and they can be quite costly.

While you can buy a dog sling harness, there’s also a way to save a few bucks and make one yourself. Today I want to share an easy way to make a comfortable and effective DIY rear leg sling for dogs from a common household item instead of buying it. It only takes a few minutes to make, and there is no sewing required. Not only will this sling be comfortable for your pooch, but it’s also quite durable and easy to clean.

How to Make and Use A Rear Leg Sling for Dogs


As a disclaimer, I have to mention that if your dog is having any type of weakness or pain in his hind end you need to take him to the veterinarian immediately.

If your veterinarian suggests the use of a rear leg sling for dogs, you can easily make your own. It’s likely that your vet will recommend a few commercial slings. While there are cheap sling dog harnesses, a lot of the good ones can cost upwards of $60.

To save you some money, in the above video guide I’m showing how to make a DIY dog sling harness yourself. All the materials required for this will only cost you a few dollars.

DIY Dog Sling Harness

What you’ll need:How To Make and Use A Rear Leg Sling for Dogs

  • Reusable grocery bag
  • Scissors

That’s it. All you’ll need is a sturdy, reliable and soft reusable grocery bag you can get in any supermarket, and a pair of scissors.

As I mention in my video guide, I must stress this one more time – you need to use a soft cotton bag. The rough plastic bags will not be comfortable for your dog.

Now, open the bag and cut out the two small side panels. This creates a ‘U’ shaped sling with long handles. The best thing about making a rear leg sling for dogs this way is that the handles are long enough to accommodate even the tallest pet owner. No more bending to help your dog up!

In the video guide above, I demonstrate how easy it is to use this DIY rear leg sling for dogs. All you have to do is slide the sling under your dog’s abdomen and move it down underneath his hips. Pulling up on the handles will allow you to support your pet’s hind end or lift him up slightly to help with stairs.

You can also slide it underneath him while he’s lying down in order to help him stand. It may take some getting used to, but eventually your dog will realize that the sling is helping him. Because the bag is made of a soft material, the sling won’t cause him any discomfort. Just be sure to use gentle pressure and not pull up too aggressively.