Most dogs require eye drops at some point in their lives. For some, eye drops are used to treat a short term infection. For others, pet eye drops are a life long treatment for conditions like dry eyes or canine glaucoma. Understanding how to give a dog eye drops is essential for all pet owners.

How To Give A Dog Eye Drops VideoOur pets can sometimes develop dog eye allergies or catch eye infections. However, administerng eye drops to our dogs makes most of us pet parents very nervous.

Your pet probably isn’t going to be very happy about letting you near his eyes, and you’ll surely be worried about whether or not you are doing everything correctly.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: there’s definitely room for error when trying to give your dog eye drops. You need to be very careful, gentle and know exactly what you’re doing.

Hopefully my video above and the article below can give you a good idea how to give a dog eye drops and do it safely

How To Give A Dog Eye Drops: A Step-By-Step Video Guide


There are different types of dog eye drops out there, but the process of applying them is exactly the same. The first step in learning how to give a dog eye drops in a safe way is to be prepared. You don’t need me to tell you that your dog isn’t going to be very happy with you as you get closer to the procedure. But if you’re prepared in advance it will make things easier.

Wash your hands. You’ll be working very closely near your pet’s eyeball, thus you need to be sure that your hands are clean. Wash them right before you administer the drops to reduce the risk of contaminating your dog’s eye and causing more damage and problems.

If your Fido is a wiggler, then try to enlist the help of another family member.

Having an extra set of hands from a family member of a friend to hold your dog or pat him and calm him down could prove to be very helpful. It may also help to keep your dog stable and more relaxed if there is another person there speaking soothingly to him.

Before you begin administering the eye drops to your pooch, use a pet grooming wipe or tissue to clean the area around your dog’s eyes. This will wipe away any debris that could accidentally get in the eye while you’re holding it open.

How To Give A Dog Eye DropsAs I explain in my video guide above, it is best to give a dog eye drops while your pet is relaxed and lying down. You can stand over him (straddling his body) if you choose, but this might make him even more nervous.

When your Fido is relaxed and lying down, tip him onto his side and cradle his head in your lap or hand. As you’ll see in my video, it’s easy to use your thumb and pointer finger to gently hold your dog’s eye open and ready for eye drops.

This is where being prepared comes in very handy.

Of course, it depends what kind of dog eye care productsyou’re using. But if you’re going with eye drop,s and if you already have the medicine in the eye dropper and it’s sitting right next to you, it will only take a second to quickly apply a few drops to his eye.

Once you administered the proper amount of eye drops, let go of the eye and allow your dog to blink a few times on his own. The final step when learning how to give a dog eye drops is to gently massage the eye. This will allow the medication to spread evenly.

When you’re finished, be sure to give your pet a dog treat. You want to reward him for allowing you to give him these nasty eye drops and for being a good sport while doing so. It will also help your Fido associate getting his eye drops with a positive experience.

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