Making your own ice cream for dogs is a great way to help your pup beat the heat in the summer months. Frozen dog treats can also come in handy for an after-exercise treat any time of the year. And, I’ve got some good news – learning how to make dog ice cream is really easy!

Making your own dog treats, whether they are frozen or not, is one of the best things you can do for your dog. Many commercial dog treats are made with artificial ingredients, harmful fillers and toxic dyes and preservatives.

When you make your own dog treats, you get to select the ingredients yourself. As long as you do your research and use ingredients that are healthy and safe for your dog, your homemade treats will be much higher quality than anything you can buy in a pet store.

How to Make Dog Ice Cream

Making ice cream for your dog isn’t difficult at all. You just need to start with a good base and then add some wholesome ingredients for nutrition and flavor. Popular bases for doggy ice cream include:

  • fruit juice*
  • plain yogurt
  • canned pumpkin
  • peanut butter
  • low sodium beef/chicken broth

*Apple and orange juice are the best choices for dogs. Be sure that you choose a juice that is free from added sugar and artificial ingredients. 100{700e02215a054a51a93d2126ad34d7b00b8926a8fffa4b5ac06a4d3d9bc00d5e} natural fruit juice is the only type dogs should drink.

If you choose peanut butter, make sure that it is free from added sugars and xylitol. If you’re using beef or chicken broth, use a mix of 25{700e02215a054a51a93d2126ad34d7b00b8926a8fffa4b5ac06a4d3d9bc00d5e} broth and 75{700e02215a054a51a93d2126ad34d7b00b8926a8fffa4b5ac06a4d3d9bc00d5e} water.

How To Make Dog Ice CreamNow comes the fun part of learning how to make dog ice cream. You can add any fruits or vegetables that your dog enjoys. If you don’t typically feed your pup fruits and veggies, be sure to do your research before adding any to your homemade ice cream.

There are many fruits and veggies that can add a huge nutritional boost to your pup’s diet. But, there are some that aren’t good for dogs. Moreover, certain parts of some fruits and veggies are beneficial, while others can be toxic. For example, the meat of an apple is great for dogs, but the seeds can be toxic!

Some great fruits and veggies to use when learning how to make dog ice cream include:

  • blueberries
  • cranberries
  • apples (cored)
  • carrots
  • watermelon
  • peas
  • green beans
  • brocolli
  • sweet potato
  • spinach
  • kale
  • canteloupe

If you’re looking for specific recipes, I have shared two excellent homemade dog ice cream recipes that my dogs love! Be sure to check out my Homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Dog Treat Recipe and my Frozen ‘Pupcakes’ Dog Treats with Fruits and Vegetables. These are some of my dogs’ favorite and are very easy to make.