Dogs are our best buddies, and we are responsible for what we have tamed. Every pet parent is striving to do only good things for its little animal, and the first step to do so would be to get to know everything about your puppy. We think that a reliable method is to take your puppy to the DNA test. It helps to choose right treatment and proper medical plan for the animal. Since there are many DNA tests, presented for sale, we selected the best 3 of them.

1 .Embark Dog DNA Test

This kit is partly developed by the Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine. We have searched for some information and found that this brand considers itself to be the most precise and reviewed DNA kit in the industry. They have conducted a big research on genotype platform; therefore, you can apply this kit to more than 250 dogs’ breeds. Moreover, to discover more about this kit, there is a possibility to contact those pet owners, who have verified this DNA test on their pets.

Not only you can check the breed on the Embark platform, but also learn more genetic condition tests there. The website itself delivers the findings in a simple and beautiful form. You can also download the results if you need to show them to your vet.

Here is the way it works: put the cheek swab applicator into your canine’s cheek to gather its saliva from the cheeks, holding it there up to one minute. Put a sponge into the azure water and shake the bottle for several seconds. It helps to normalize the DNA. Button it up inside the plastic bag, turn on the kit by computer and take it to the mailbox to be sent further. Then you must wait for some time, the outcomes will be within 14-28 days. This is worth waiting, since the Embark is reliable company, which performs its job very well. Be assured that you will get high-quality results.

Advantages: there is a fantastic range of dogs’ breeds, for which Embark delivers the DNA tests. The specialists promise their findings will be more than 95% accurate. Moreover, their results are more detailed, since they check 110 times more genomic markers, than their closest competitors. The great fact is that the Embark tests for 171 illness mutation.

Disadvantages: the test is too scientific; it is also the priciest among its competitors.

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2. Wisdom Panel  Health Canine DNA Test

According to the brand’s report, this DNA test is the leader in its industry. The test does screenings for more than 150 genetic health conditions and is available for most breeds of pooches.

Here is the way it works: there are two sticks in the kit. You must place them in your dog’s cheek to get the testers of its skin cells. After you did it, put the sticks into plastic bag, activate the kit, making your profile on the website and transmit the tests to the company lab. Then you must wait for 14-21 days to get your findings on your e-mail.

Advantages: you can choose the service yourself. The business provides information either to detect breed and physical condition or only breed. The cost is also distinct. The lab provides useful information such as drug sensitivities, three-generation family tree, a weight profile prediction etc.

Disadvantages: The company may detect more than 150 diseases, however, sometimes it hides results, because it considers them irrelevant.

The test is rather expensive.

There are two stick brushes, which you need out in your dog’s mouth, collecting the saliva, and repeat this process three times.

3.DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

This DNA test is a very simple way to answer your question like “What is the breed of my new puppy?” This company has lesser dog’s breeds in its database, which means that the results would not be such accurate, as ones provided by the Embark or Wisdom Panel. However, this option is perfect for those, who do not want to spend much money just to detect the breed of their dog. The key target of the DNA My Dog is to test dogs in shelters, which then helps people better understand their breed and other specialties before adoption.

Here is the way it works: There is nothing difficult. There are sponges in the kit, using which you need to take a saliva from your dog. Then send it back to the company and do not forget to create a virtual profile. Within 14 days you will get to know the dog’s breed. The company’s main target audience are the shelters, vet professional and dog owners.

Advantages: This is a perfect option for those on a tight budget. You can find out the “genetic age” of your pet. The kit is extremely easy to use. Shelters may cooperate with the company. The results are in form of the certificate with the list of breeds and the most necessary information about them.

Disadvantages: The information is not as detailed as one provided by the competitors. No information of diseases. The precision is not very high.

We concluded that the best option of the three above is the Embark Dog DNA Test. This is an extremely precise test, delivering data for more than 250 dog types and 170 genomic illnesses. These are the basic advantages you can obtain, acquiring this test. There are much more of them. If you need to have your puppy examined in the most precise and fast way, this must be your choice. If you aware of the genetic history of your dog comprehensively, it is easier t adopt a pet. Everyone wants to have a healthy and nice pet.

Having made the DNA test for your dog, you and your vet will better understand which treatment is better for the pet. You must be ready to the fact that your dog may catch a certain disease in a few years because of its genetics.

It is not necessarily to get the detailed information on your dog’s health in order to get to know about its specialties. Knowing what its breed mix are already provides you a lot. You will be aware how to treat your dog and respond to its every signal.