There are a million and one cooling dog bed brands out there, but which are worth the investment and which are cheap knockoffs with no ability to cool down your dog? More importantly, when does a bad cooling bed for dogs prioritize the cooling factor over all other necessary components, such as stability, chew-proofness and overall comfort? We’ve tested many dog beds here on Top Dog Tips over the years, and for this round-up have done the dirty work for you. Here are 9 best cooling dog bed brands to consider!


Overall Best Cooling Dog Bed

Snoozer Luxury Forgiveness Cooling Dog Bed

1. Snoozer Luxury Forgiveness Cooling Dog Bed

Price: $199.95+
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What We Like: Durability, cleanliness, comfort, a variety of patterns, cooling, sturdy bolsters.

What We Don’t Like: The price (but it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it)

The price on this cooling dog bed is enough to make your eyes water, but as someone who has this very bed for a few years now, I can attest that this is the ultimate pet bed for every need.

What helps to keep this bed cool is the same thing that makes me love it so much – the unique mattress material. The thick mattress inside the custom-made cover is made from a compressed, spring-like polyethylene that is fully washable, has a lot of give, and it does not allow for heat buildup. I was pleasantly surprised with how breathable and cool this bed stays because it also has the comfort of more traditional orthopedic foam beds that tend to build up heat.

Of course, as a mom of a senior dog with incontinence concerns myself, the complete washability of Snoozer’s cooling dog bed was my primary need (seriously, you don’t understand – the mattress, the bolster pillows, the cover… it’s all washable!) but the added bonus of the whole bed being washable is that it doesn’t build up odor like traditional orthopedic foam does.

Lastly, the variety of fabrics available for this bed is an added bonus. For dogs who den, Snoozer offers performance type fabrics on their site that are more durable (I have the “Show Dog Collection – Palmer Dove fabric which has been very durable.) For dogs that prefer softness over durability, there are softer plush fabrics as well and the pillow top that’s built into the bed adds to that.

Overall, if you’re looking for one of the best cooling dog bed brands that will last for your dog’s lifetime and adapts to every need, Snoozer is one to consider (and this dog cooling bed in particular). It’s a pet bed that can be thoroughly cleaned, that is fully supportive, that looks gorgeous, and is sturdy for dogs of all ages.


Best Cot-Style Cooling Dog Bed

Kuranda Cooling Dog Bed

2. Kuranda Cooling Dog Bed

Price: $64.95+
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What We Like: Durability, cleanliness, cooling, affordability.

What We Don’t Like: Unsuitable for dogs that are unsteady on their feet.

The Kuranda’s cooling dog bed is the bed of choice for animal shelters and boarding facilities because of its durability and price-to-value ratio, which is outstanding.

The frame of the bed is available in PVC or aluminum for chewers which makes it ideal for all dogs. The solid frame also provides a sturdy foundation that holds the bed off the ground without any instability.

The fabric of this cooling dog bed and the height of the legs ensure airflow around and through the bed. This reduces heat buildup and odor while also making cleaning as simple as spraying it down with a hose.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks to Kuranda’s cooling dog bed is that it tends to lack the comfort factor (similar to their chew proof beds) and adding a pad to the top of the bed for comfort prevents the airflow that keeps this bed cool. Additionally, without an added pad on the bed, the washable, breathable fabric of the cot can be slippery and unsafe for dogs that are unsteady on their feet.


Best Furniture-Style Cooling Dog Bed

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa Cooling Dog Bed

3. Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa Cooling Dog Bed

Price: $203.69
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What We Like: Cleanliness, seamless integration with furniture, furniture grade construction, cooling, deep seat.

What We Don’t Like: Only available in one size.

Personally, I’m not huge on furniture style dog beds because while they have an aesthetic appeal, they tend not to be the most comfortable option. This Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa cooling dog bed is a slightly better option than most, though.

This bed cools by virtue of the faux-leather fabric that covers it which has the added benefit of wiping clean and holding up to longer nails. The foam cushion inside the faux-leather cover is quite thin (2 ½”) but with the added frame of the couch itself, it provides comfort without absorbing odor.

Another reason that I personally like this cooling dog bed is that it is large enough to accommodate big dogs. Most furniture-style dog beds are made for dogs under 25lbs, but this sofa can support up to 90lbs and has plenty of stretching room for smaller large breeds. Plus, if you have a “leaner”, the arms of the sofa are perfect headrests.



Runners Up for Best Dog Cooling Bed Title

4. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Cooling Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Cooling Dog BedPrice: $59.95+
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What We Like: Size variety, price, comfort, washable removable cover (you get an extra one with their current promotion.)

What We Don’t Like: Foam holds odor, foam could be thicker.

The cooling foam of this affordable cooling dog bed choice is ideal for dogs in need of joint support. A non-slip bottom keeps the bed in place and a waterproof cover keeps the bed from absorbing liquid leaks. One of the biggest benefits of this bed aside from the price tag is that it comes in 7 different sizes, so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding a bed that fits your dog.

Orthopedic cooling foam offers support and cooling, but it comes at a cost. With this bed, although the foam is cooler than more traditional orthopedic foam beds, it does run warmer than our top three beds. Unfortunately, since it’s foam, it also holds odor and is difficult to thoroughly cleanse.


5. Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Cooling Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Cooling Dog BedPrice: $99.75
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What We Like: Supportive, washable cover, waterproof internal case, large size, sturdy headrest.

What We Don’t Like: Foam holds odor, foam could be thicker.

Another cooling dog bed from Dogbed4less brand, this orthopedic pet bed is identical to the one I’ve mentioned above, but it also features a bolster at the head of the bed and is available in fewer sizes. The bolster measures 4” above the top of the bed and provides great support for “leaners”. Considering that most other quality bolster beds go as high as $200, this one with cooling and orthopedic features is a good deal.


6. Best Pet Supplies Cooling Dog Bed w/ Self-cool Gel Mat

Best Pet Supplies Cooling Dog Bed w/ Self-cool Gel MatPrice: $29.99
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What We Like: Raised sides, cooling, non-toxic, machine washable, 100{700e02215a054a51a93d2126ad34d7b00b8926a8fffa4b5ac06a4d3d9bc00d5e} satisfaction guarantee.

What We Don’t Like: Not much support for older pets or pets with joint concerns.

One of the few cooling dog beds that incorporates a self-cooling mat, this bed is a great option for cooling without the need to freeze the cooling pad. It’s also a good portable option for a cooling bed that you can throw in the back of the car or fit in a larger crate if needed (the non-slip bottom is great for this!)

Although it offers great cooling, this isn’t a very supportive or comfortable cooling dog bed option and honestly I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use, as is the case with all other cooling dog mats. Since it is a thinner option and doesn’t depend on ventilation for cooling, however, it can be used on top of a second more supportive bed like one of the cots recommended above.


7. Serta iComfort Cuddler Memory Foam Cooling Dog Bed

Serta iComfort Cuddler Memory Foam Cooling Dog BedPrice: $89.84+
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What We Like: Deep side walls, washable cover, comfort, cooling, the Serta brand name.

What We Don’t Like: Size availability, sizing is on the small side, some customers have had durability issues, foam holds odor.

The Serta iComfort Cuddler cooling dog bed is one of the few cuddler design pet beds that has a built-in cooling option in their gel memory foam. If you have a dog that “has to” sleep in a cuddler style bed, this is one of the only ones you will find, unfortunately, sizing is limited to the basic options.

The limited sizing isn’t the biggest concern for me when it comes to this bed, though. Of course, the fact that the foam base will hold odor is a concern since only the cover is washable, but there is also a lack of structure to the walls of the bed. Without firm structure, beds like this tend to collapse in on themselves and turn into the plain cushion type of bed after a few uses.


8. Serta iComfort Sleeper Dual Action Cooling Dog Bed

Serta iComfort Sleeper Dual Action Cooling Dog BedPrice: $179.99
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What We Like: Modern design, Serta brand name, larger than expected, bolster design, washable cover.

What We Don’t Like: It’s hard to find replacement covers, cover durability is questionable, foam holds odor.

The Serta iComfort Sleeper Sofa is a bolster bed option from Serta that offers the cooling properties of gel memory foam. The base of the cooling dog bed is quite thick providing support for aching joints and relieves pressure on the joints of dogs who are less mobile. As a fan of bolster beds, I like the support offered by this bed’s bolster and the fact that the cover is washable.

Although cooler than regular orthopedic dog beds, this bed isn’t the coolest option available. Additionally, you face the possibility of odor due to the foam interior. That said, if you are looking for a supportive cooling bed with a bolster and can’t afford the Forgiveness Sofa from Snoozer, this is one of the better options available UNLESS you have an aggressive chewer or denning dog.


9. Coolaroo Elevated Cooling Dog Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Cooling Dog BedPrice: $14.01+
See It Here

What We Like: Price, cleanliness, cooling, high elevation for added cooling, mold and mildew resistant.

What We Don’t Like: Hard to put together, unsuitable for elderly dogs with stability issues, lacks comfort without additional padding which reduces cooling.

The Coolaroo elevated cooling dog bed is one of the most popular and most affordable cot beds that offers an alternative to the Kuranda bed to families on a shoestring budget. The material of the bed is exceptionally breathable which creates a free flow of air and a cool sleeping environment. This fabric is also tough and mold and mildew resistant, allowing for outdoor as well as indoor use. The breathable Coolaroo fabric also allows for quick and easy washing. The steel frame is sturdy and provides a solid foundation without “give” and creates a taut hammock style sleeping surface.

This is another cooling dog bed that I have one of the longest experiences with personally and I have two major issues with it. Firstly, I can’t begin to explain how difficult it was to put this bed together on my own. The fabric stretches so tightly that it’s virtually impossible to pull the legs into place and secure them correctly. If you have two relatively strong people available, this shouldn’t be a problem.

My second issue with this cooling dog bed is the same for all cot-style beds – it’s simply not comfortable or supportive enough for dogs who are unsteady on their feet. To create a comfortable bed, you can purchase a fleece pad, but this prevents the air circulation that keeps the bed cool in the first place. If you have a strong, young dog, however, this is a good affordable option for a cool sleeping area.

Consider This…

When deciding on choosing the best cooling dog bed brand for the rest of this summer, be sure to prioritize your dog’s primary needs and use those needs to select a bed that is suited to your pooch as an individual. There may be other “better” dog beds overall, but they may not fit your or your Fido’s lifestyle. For example, an elderly dog may need cooling from their bed but more than that they need stability and joint support, so a raised cooling dog bed wouldn’t be the best choice for senior dogs.