If you, your dog, and your car are a constant team – that is, you go places together a lot – then make sure that heat and humidity don’t take away the fun. With summer heat already here, placing one of the best car cooling fans for dogs in the backseat can make a lot of difference for your pet. It will mostly help to circulate the air provided by the car’s air conditioning system.

Top Best Car Cooling Fans for DogsDogs don’t do too well when ventilation of their surroundings is poor, and this is especially true in summer heat. If your car’s cooling system isn’t working that well, or isn’t designed to ventilate the back of the car as much, you’ll notice the first signs of your dog’s discomfort by his increased panting.

A little longer and your dog’s panting will be noticeably heavier, with your pet getting more passive, looking tired and even exhausted. If the situation goes on much longer, this will likely cause your dog to get sick.

Car cooling fans for dogs can be an invaluable asset when you’re doing a lot of trips with your pet in the vehicle, and especially for long car travel. Here is a quick look at the five best dog car cooling fans that we’ll be discussing in this article:

Car Cooling Fans for Dogs Price Quality Rating
Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze Stand Alone Fan $$$ A 4.3/5
AboveTEK DC Electric Car Fan $$ A+ 4.4/5
Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan $$ B+ 4.6/5
E-joy Portable Vehicle Car Fan $$ C 3.7/5
Hopkins Go Gear Oscillating Fan $ C 3.9/5

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Picking the best car cooling fan for your dog

Picking the best car cooling fan for your dogProtecting your dog’s from summer heat is important, because their bodies are far more prone to heatstroke and other consequences of overheating than ours. As all veterinarians warn pet owners, this isn’t only about leaving your dog in a car, but any time your pet is staying in enclosed space with outside temperatures rising.

A car cooling fan installed in your vehicle’s interior must, first of all, be quite small to not obstruct views or limit headroom. Second, it must bring in significant cooling effect to serve its purpose, specifically for the passenger dog (not you). Finally, the fan needs to be safe for your pet to ensure fur or paws cannot get caught in the fan blades.

It’s a straightforward process picking safe, best dog cooling fan for cars to prevent your pet from overheating, and it can make a huge difference in enhancing your vehicle’s ventilation. This becomes doubly important if you regularly take a dog or other pet in the backseat, where the existing cooling system may not adequately provide fresh air.

What are the Best Car Cooling Fans for Dogs?
top 5 dog-friendly, safe and effective cooling fans 

1Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze Stand Alone Fan

Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze Stand Alone FanThis compact fan from Fan-Tastic Ventis lightweight, portable, and easily plugs into the auxiliary port (cigarette lighter socket) of any vehicle. The 12-volt Endless Breeze Standalone fan delivers high air volume with a 3-speed control for superior air circulation that will make both driver and passenger extremely cool, comfortable and happy throughout the entire drive.

It’s the perfect cooling solution according to satisfied owners who’ve used it in various ways and in different settings. In warmer weather, they use the Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze Stand Alone Fan to cool the dogs in the back seat or to hang on dogs’ crates or travel kennels. It’s also a good air-cooling device to bring and use inside trailers when camping out or hunting.

They noted the fact that this huge standalone fan is very well made and both the fan’s motor and blades function smoothly and noiselessly. This allows dogs to rest and sleep undisturbed even during hot summers. It has a long cable, does not consume too much power and is very durable. They say the product’s a bit pricey, but the quality and superior performance it affords to both pets and humans are all worth the money spent.


  • 12-volt power
  • Plugs into auxiliary port of any vehicle
  • 3-speed control

  • Larger and more expensive than many of the other best car cooling fans for dogs

best car cooling fans for dogsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS):  “Perfect solution to traveling with two Shelties in a Chevy Avalanche…over 1700 miles in 80-90 degree temperatures. Plugged into the auxiliary port…ran off the car battery. Could leave it running at…”



2AboveTEK DC Electric Car Fan

AboveTEK DC Electric Car FanThis is one of the best car cooling fans from AboveTEK will make a big difference in your travels with your pet. It is powered by the car’s battery through a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket and is designed to supplement the existing cooling system of your car. The pack comes with 3M brand high-quality adhesive stickers to secure the fan’s base to the dashboard or arm rest.

Its powerful 2-speed dual head fans are capable of rotating 360 degrees up or down and right or left for much wider coverage. The fans allow separate air flow between driver and passenger and help remove annoying cigarette smoke or odor. These best car cooling fans for dogs also quickly defrost windshields in winter, thereby making driving more safe.

best car cooling fans for dogsYou’d definitely be thankful that your car has this cool contraption, especially when you find yourself stuck in heavy traffic or the car air conditioning system suddenly breaks down. Be assured that this pretty little thing brings an amazing amount of wind, as many buyers attest. Some buyers were not satisfied with how long the fan lasted, but it does come with a lifetime guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


  • 12-volt power
  • Plugs into auxiliary port of any vehicle
  • 2 speeds
  • Fans rotate 360° up and down or left and right

  • Some buyers were not satisfied with how long this fan lasted
  • It does come with a lifetime warranty, but reviewers who contacted the company weren’t always pleased with the customer service they received

best car cooling fans for dogsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “Works a lot better than my last fan. I have been without AC for 5 years, and these fans help a lot….”


3Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable FanDizaul has created one of the best car cooling fans for dogs that measures just 4-inch across and is solidly constructed. This palm-sized fan can be held by the hand where it’s easy to point to any direction that needs cooling, hung through a carabiner (included in the package), clipped on to any structure or just left standing freely when stationary. It runs on a powerful 2600mAh lithium battery which can be charged through a micro USB connector to a car, wall charger, or laptop.

There are three speeds to choose from for a continuous flow of air. Aside from being a durable and portable fan, it also has a white LED light on one side. Dog owners found the Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan to be a really useful device to have when traveling in a car, camping or hiking with their dogs. Its usefulness extends even to activities done at home or in the office.

best car cooling fans for dogsFor most people who lead active lives, they say that this fan is a must-have because of its superior cooling performance and low energy consumption. It holds on to a charge long, about 6 hours, and that’s really important for on-the-go humans and their pets. It’s the surest and most affordable way to beat the summer heat even when venturing away from the comforts and coolness of home.


  • Runs on a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery
  • 3 speeds
  • Equipped with a small LED light
  • Holds a charge for about 6 hours

  • Reviewers complain that the sound is much louder than expected
  • Some buyers say that while this is one of the best car cooling fans for dogs, it does not hold a charge for 6 hours

best car cooling fans for dogsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I bought this portable fan for a family trip to Disney world. I had heard it is pretty humid and hot in Florida in mid July so I wanted a fan that would actually provide some…”


4E-joy Portable Vehicle Car Fan

E-joy Portable Vehicle Car FanThe E-joy Portable Car Fan packs a lot of awesome features. It has an oscillating switch for choosing between stationary and 45-degree side-to-side options, 3-speed control for adjusting speed and turning off or on, an adjustable steel arm with a sturdy 7-inch clip for fast and easy installation, and a 6-foot power cord that plugs directly into a 12-volt standard car cigarette lighter port.

The clip-on and swivel features of this fan make it a real joy to have in the car. Attaching and detaching it from one spot to another is a breeze. The E-joy Portable Vehicle Car Fan clips to almost any part of the interior, like the edge of the sunroof, the handle or the sunshade. These features make it work for whichever space in the car that needs additional ventilation.

Being one of the best car cooling fans for dogs, this device is very small. This smallness, however, does not speak of its air-moving power, according to buyers. While relatively undersized compared to most fans, it packs more than enough power to increase ventilation in an area. This is definitely a great fan to have for you and your dog, and to make car rides really enjoyable.


  • Oscillating switch allows the fan to stay stationary or rotate side-to-side 45°
  • 3 speeds
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Plugs into auxiliary port of any vehicle

  • Smaller than most of the best car cooling fans for dogs
  • Flexible neck is too flimsy for some reviewers

best car cooling fans for dogsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This fan is great!!! with the flexible clamp stand for stationary flexibility, that is removable to make the fan portable, with an 18650 lion battery for power that can be charged on board via USB. the fan is three speed and…”


5Hopkins Go Gear Oscillating Fan

Hopkins Go Gear Oscillating FanThis one’s actually the most inexpensive item on our list, but that doesn’t make it less effective. In fact, this fan from Go Gear has all the workings of the best car cooling fans for dogs. It supports less air-con usage with its constant gust of fresh air that cools the whole vehicle fast. It is powered from the car’s battery through any standard 12V auxiliary power outlet or cigarette lighter socket. This compact fan oscillates at a 90-degree angle to cover the entire interior of the vehicle.

It can be attached to the dashboard or console using a sturdy clamp. Screws are also included should permanent installation of the fan be desired. Buyers find the Hopkins Go Gear Oscillating Fan very useful in augmenting the vehicle’s air-conditioning system, because it helps to make the air flow better. The cord is a good length, so installing it at the far back spot of the car is not a problem.

best car cooling fans for dogsMany users say that the fan works great for its size. It moves the breeze really well and has solved issues of kids drenching in sweat or fur kids fussy over the heat. They only wished the fan had more speed options rather than just the on and off switch. Overall, however, they reckon that for a fan that’s very reasonably priced, sturdy and highly functional, there’s nothing they could really ask for.


  • Most inexpensive car cooling fan on this list
  • Plugs into auxiliary port of any vehicle
  • Oscillates at a 90-degree angle

  • Only one speed option
  • While some buyers were not impressed with the quality of the fan, they expected as much for the price

best car cooling fans for dogsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “It is very loud, but otherwise it does what it’s supposed to. It gets really hot in my car during the summer and when I have my dog in the backseat I know the AC doesn’t get to him. I installed this over the…”