You can’t blame your pet pup for being anxious in his new home. Making the dog feel at ease in his surroundings needs to be your first priority. And, what if you have a pet that is completely accustomed to his new home, but still stresses when he’s left alone? The best toys for dogs with separation anxiety can help your Fido feel more relaxed and comfortable in many situations.

Anxiety in dogs has various sources, but the most common source is separation – the dog’s separation from you, from the older environment, from his mother or from his pack. The sudden absence of a familiar companion or source of comfort is understandably scary, especially for a puppy.

You’ll want to have a few of the best toys for dogs with separation anxiety on hand, so you can alternate the toy you leave for your pooch each day. Leaving the same toy every time will cause him to get bored easily, defeating the purpose of that dog toy. We’ve found six of the best toys for dogs with separation anxiety, and we’ll discuss the benefits of each of these unique products below. Here’s a look at our top choices:

Dog Toy for Separation Anxiety Price Quality Rating
Smart Pet Love SnugglePuppy Behavioral Aid Toy $$$ A- 4.0/5
Kong Classic Dog Toy $ A+ 4.4/5
Spot Ethical Pets Mini Skinneeez Raccoon $ B- 3.9/5
Nibble Pet Products Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy $ C+ 3.8/5
Kong Tires Extreme Dog Toy $$ A 4.1/5
Outward Hound Kyjen Puzzle Replacement Animals $ B+ 4.5/5

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Dog Toys and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Best Dog Toys for Separation AnxietyIf separation is inevitable, such as the daily separation when you leave for work, then it must be associated with something that the dog can look forward to each day. That something can be a treat, a toy or an interactive dog puzzle game that will keep Fido occupied while you’re away.

Some dogs experience short and insignificant bouts of anxiety, but others struggle with consistent anxiety every time their owner leaves the house. There are natural science-based proven ways to calm a dog, and the best toys for dogs with separation anxiety are on that list and can be a very effective tool.

But you must use separation anxiety dog toys correctly. Two main rules to follow are (1) rotate between 3-5 dog toys to keep your dog’s interest and mental stimulation levels up; (2) only give separation anxiety dog toys to your pooch when you leave home and always remove them when you’re back at home.

In a 2015 canine separation anxiety study, researchers found a very simple yet effective strategy that every pet owner can follow:

How to deal with separation anxiety study

While some of the mentioned best toys for dogs with separation anxiety can work well, they aren’t a tool that fits all pets and all cases. For severe problems of canine anxiety, a trip to a veterinarian for a consultation, a list of anxiety relief meds or a prescription of stronger meds could be in order. Best Dog Toys for Separation AnxietySymptoms include:

  • destructive chewing
  • excessive panting
  • shaking
  • pacing
  • barking
  • whining

If your dog’s anxiety causes him to become aggressive or you have a reason to believe that his anxiety may have a negative effect on his health, you need to seek the advice of your veterinarian. While a natural remedy like some of the best toys for dogs with separation anxiety may work, you can’t take the chance with your safety or the safety of your pet.

There are other alternatives to relieving anxiety in dogs as well, like anxiety vests or essential oils. Oftentimes, symptoms of canine anxiety are seen as behavior problems. No matter how much time you spend training your dog, these issues won’t go away until the underlying cause of the behavior (anxiety) is treated.

In some cases, changing environmental variables may help relieve the anxiety. But, you may to try other methods to cure the problem. If your dog has a mild case of separation anxiety, the toys on this list may help to occupy his mind and ease his anxiety.

6 Best Toys for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

1Smart Pet Love SnugglePuppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Smart Pet Love SnugglePuppy Behavioral Aid ToyThe SnugglePuppy from Smart Pet Love is number one on our list when it comes to calming a lonely, anxious puppy. This cute, fluffy brown toy puppy will somehow fill the void that your furbaby feels. It has a mechanical heartbeat and a disposable warmer insert that provides warmth of up to 144° F.

The mechanical heart runs on AAA alkaline batteries. A set of batteries is included for every purchase. The batteries last for a week at most, and the warmer pack provides warmth for 24 hours. Pet owners were happy to see their puppy instantly loving the Smart Pet Love SnugglePuppy Behavioral Aid Toy. He does look so peaceful and warm that it’s a no-brainer why a puppy would snuggle right next to it.

best dog toys for separation anxietyThe realistic pulse makes it all the more relaxing. There’s something about the rhythm that soothes the nerves and lulls even the most restless soul to sleep. According to dog owners, their puppies were suffering so much from separation anxiety that they were always whining, barking, or crying through the night. With SnugglePuppy, however, the pups just slept straight for hours until it was time to potty or to wake up. They swear that has never happened before.


  • Equipped with a mechanical heartbeat and a disposable warmer insert that provides warmth of up to 144° F
  • Comes with a set of AAA alkaline batteries
  • Disposable heat source is non-toxic
  • These best toys for dogs with separation anxiety are machine washable

  • The company claims that the batteries last for at least two weeks, but reviewers say they only last for about 1 week
  • Some reviewers were disappointed with the quality control of this product, saying the heart didn’t work or the stuffed toy was ripped when they received it

best dog toys for separation anxietyMost helpful review about these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety: “Well, we got a new puppy! Yeah!! Then night rolled around and we put the puppy in his kennel and he cried all night long. No one slept a wink those first few nights. I know some people say to get an old style…”


2KONG Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog ToyThe KONG Classic makes separation not only less lonely, but challenging and rewarding, too. It is made of puncture-resistant natural rubber that’s ideal for average chewers. It is available in six sizes, with each size recommended for a different weight range.

The repetitive chewing action relaxes a dog and allows it to release frustrations and excess energy. This red and bouncy chew toy is also great for a game of fetch. Treats can be stuffed in it, too, to engage dogs longer and provide a more challenging and fulfilling activity. The physical and mental exertion required in taking out the treat from the KONG Classic Dog Toy helps address boredom and restlessness.

best dog toys for separation anxietyCreative dog owners used this Kong to stuff goodies or their special dog treat recipes into, sometimes even freezing the Kong with the stuffing to extend their dog’s exploration time up to several hours. It is important to choose the right Kong for your dog as there are different colors and degree of toughness recommended for different types of chewers.


  • Made of puncture-resistant natural rubber
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • You can stuff these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety with treats to engage your dog for a longer time
  • Unique design has an unpredictable bounce for entertaining games of fetch

  • While this brand is known for making durable toys, this is not suitable for aggressive power chewers
  • Simple rubber design doesn’t entice all dogs

best dog toys for separation anxietyMost helpful review about these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety: “We’ve had GREAT luck with past Kings. Never a durability issue. The reason we keep ordering more, is our dog loses (drops them while sniffing other things) them in the nearby woods. The most recent…”


3Spot Ethical Pets Mini Skinneeez Raccoon

Spot Ethical Pets Mini Skinneeez RaccoonFun activities and games significantly reduce stress in anxious dogs. Playing diverts their attention from the source of anxiety to something that makes them feel good. It would be helpful to have a toy, such as this Mini Skinneeez Raccoon from Spot, that dogs enjoy playing with. When a situation arises which could possibly cause stress, the familiar toy will immediately be associated with playing and having fun. The Mini Skinneeez is made of polyester fabric that’s soft and water resistant. This has no stuffing but instead has an inner material that produces a crunchy sound. This measures 18 inches long and dogs find it extremely fun to toss around, flip, shake, and retrieve.

Dogs love this slim long raccoon thing in their mouth while they run and do their usual business. It’s like a prized conquest to brag around or a favorite prey to pounce on. While this is clearly a show of dominance, dog owners find it interesting that their dogs don’t actually rip it dead. Instead, they play with the Spot Ethical Pets Mini Skinneeez Raccoon, carry it around, sleep with it, and look for it continually like they find comfort in it.

best dog toys for separation anxietySome aggressive dogs are so crazy over the squeaker that they end up tearing the toy to pieces just to find where the sound comes from. To most gentle chewers and mild-tempered dogs, though, this has been a valued companion that they constantly peck on, nibble, suck, cuddle, smell, and tug. In fact, they won’t be completely ready for bed until they’re with their Mini Skinneeez Raccoon.


  • Made of polyester fabric that’s soft and water resistant
  • No stuffing, but inner material produces a crunching sound that attracts dogs
  • Measures 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 18″
  • Internal squeaker satisfies your dog’s natural hunting instinct

  • Some pet owners were not satisfied with the size of this toy, saying it is much smaller than they anticipated
  • Because this is a gabric toy, it is not very durable and can be easily ruined by aggressive chewers

best dog toys for separation anxietyMost helpful review about these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety: “I thoroughly enjoy seeing this toy in my black lab’s mouth. It’s like having a stuffed toy, but without all the mess of him ripping it up and surprising me with a cotton-covered floor when I get home. It’s relatively…”


4Nibble Pet Products Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy Ball Puzzle

Nibble Pet Products Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy Ball PuzzleA dog that is physically and mentally occupied has no time to feel anxious. This is the concept behind the Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy Ball for Dogs from Nibble Pet Products. This toy is a red rubber ball, textured with paw pattern, and has a diameter of 3 inches. It is hollow inside with multi-chambers where treats and food can be inserted for longer play time and problem solving. When you give this to the dog just before you leave him alone, it allows the dog to be engrossed in an activity that takes his mind off you. When the dog realizes you’ve left, he would be more relaxed and enjoying his treat.

The ball holds the treat and keeps it there for the probing dog. The common observation from pet owners is that the treats fall off the ball fairly easily, so it’s not much of a challenge. The key there, actually, is to carefully choose the treat. It must not be too small that it would fall off the ball when bounced. A good-sized treat will take several minutes of poking, tugging, twitching, jerking, or rolling off before it eventually comes out.

Best Dog Toys for Separation AnxietyThis rubber ball is a good bouncing and rolling toy, too. It makes a very negligible sound when it hits floors or walls, so disturbing the baby or people downstairs should be the least of your worries. The rubber is soft, so it’s a great chew thing for gentle chewers because it exercises their jaw without hurting their gums or deforming their teeth.


  • Red rubber ball, textured with paw pattern, and has a 3″ diameter
  • Hollow inside with multi-chambers where treats and food can be inserted
  • This toy also makes a good bouncing and rolling toy for games of fetch

  • Some buyers say the rubber is too weak and can be easily shredded by dogs
  • A few concerned pet parents say the little pieces their broke off became choking hazards

best dog toys for separation anxietyMost helpful review about these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety: “Good treat ball to entertain my little one for about 15 minutes while I’m trying to get some things done & to keep him from underfoot. Took him only about 30 seconds to figure the ball out and…”


5KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Tires Extreme Dog ToyThe KONG Traxx is a tire-shaped black toy that’s made for chewing, chasing, fetching and rolling around. It belongs to KONG’s Black Extreme line of toys, which means that it has an extreme degree of durability and is designed for power chewers. The outer surface of the tire is heavily treaded for that ultimate grip and texture. This also makes for a unique rubbery quality for active chewing. There is a narrow groove along the circumference of the inner rim which can be filled with thick treats for the dog to lick. The interior can contain small bites of treats or the prized rawhide for the curious guy to dig. There are two sizes available – small and medium/large.

Dog owners love that this is US-made, especially that it would be in their pets’ mouth most of the time. It bounces and rolls endlessly, promising a lot of chasing and fun.  After several months of being constantly chewed on, the KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy has remained hard-wearing and supple. It has also been an immense help in soothing their dog’s anxiety attacks.

best dog toys for separation anxietyLike in most items you buy, always remember to order the size that’s right for your mutt. It’s true that Black Extreme toys are for power chewers, but Kong makers recommend proper sizing for all of their toys all the time. Since this toy style is available in two sizes only – the largest being Medium/Large – there’s no way to get a bigger size if your doggie happens to be bigger than the recommended dog weight. Keeping that in mind before placing an order will ensure your dog’s long-lasting enjoyment with this product.


  • Made of extremely durable rubber to hold up to power chewers
  •  Narrow groove along the circumference of the inner rim which can be filled with thick treats for the dog to lick
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Made in the United States

  • Some buyers claim that even the larger size was too small for their dog
  • Although it claims to be made for power chewers, many reviewers say their dog was able to shred this toy

best dog toys for separation anxietyMost helpful review about these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety: “I expected a toy fit for a medium to large dog – the tire was small. Sadie had it tore into pieces minutes after getting it.
In the picture the tire is on a regular sized card…”


6Outward Hound Kyjen Puzzle Plush Animals

Outward Hound Kyjen Puzzle Plush AnimalsThese cuddly plush animal toys from Outward Hound make for reassuring companions to insecure and lonesome pups. Just by sitting there, this threesome already has a calming presence. But there’s an exciting aspect to these toy replacements. You can buy separately the Outward Hound Hide-A-Toywhich is a hollow toy tree trunk with holes. It is made of the same plush material as the animals, and it is where you squeeze in and hide all the plush animals. Then it’s the job of your puppy to look for the hidden animals and take them out one by one. They’d all squeak when pressed and that would definitely be pure delight to your nosey little fellow.

The plush material used in these toys indicates that these are for small dogs with gentle chewing temperament. The Outward Hound Kyjen Puzzle Plush Animals won’t last long for aggressive or power chewers. The amazing thing about it though is how it grabs a dog’s attention without need for inserting treats or food such as in most puzzle chew toys. The time that a nervous dog spends in figuring out how to get each animal out of the stump is usually adequate for it to calm down and get settled. That makes this a very effective relaxing toy.

best dog toys for separation anxietyThere are other styles – bees and birds – for variation. Different replacement animals may even be mixed in one stump for more fun. The squeakers were often the first to go, which is understandable. Any normal dog would naturally hunt first for what’s causing the sound and would never stop until he gets to it. Even without the squeaks, though, pet owners said that their dogs continue to enjoy and be comforted by these plushies.


  • Set of three plush animals available in squirrels, bees or birds
  • Internal squeakers keep your dog engaged
  • Each squirrel toy is 9.5″L x 6″W x 3″H

  • Only suitable for small dogs that are gentle chewers
  • Angry buyers say their dog was able to remove the squeaker and swallow it

best dog toys for separation anxietyMost helpful review about these best toys for dogs with separation anxiety: “I have the junior size hide a squirrel toy. We have somehow lost 2 of the 3 original squirrels (seriously, they’re like socks. Where do they go?!?) so I bought these to replace them. The product title said it is…”